Contemporary/ Urban

Colors: Neutral color palette of black, white, warm browns/grays, metallics, beige & taupe, accented with bolder colors like eggplant/purple/aqua or yellow-greens

Textures/"Feel": Simple modern lines, smooth surfaces. Metallics. Clean ceramics. Matte or gloss finishes. 

Trees: Fiddle Leaf Fig (sparse foliage is the current trend), Ficus Fig, Black or Natural Giant Trunk Bamboo, Narrow Bamboos, Palms (Areca, Fishtail, Kentia, Rhapis Lady and Honey Rhapis Palms), Podocarpus (Topiary), Dracaena Reflexa, Camellia, Schefflera  

Plants: Succulents, Sansevieria, Cycas Palm, Fiddle Leaf Fig, Rubber Plant, Tall Grasses, Dracaenas, Curcuma, Zamioculcus ("Z" or "ZZ" Plant), Horsetail Reed

Greenery: Erogynium, Periwinkle, Smoke Tree, Euphorbium, Philodendron, Laurel, Grasses, Peperomia, Hanging Jasmine/Hops, Succulents

Florals : Clean, Architectural. Orchids, Succulents (some with wood accents), Sansevieria, Horsetail Reed, Grasses, Tulips, Gladiolas, Calla Lilies, Amaryllis, Lotus

Other: Architectural Containers in simple modern lines. Plants in tall tapered containers (tapered tall squares or tapered tall cylinders) with trailing succulents underplantings. Raku ceramics.