Mediterranean/ Spanish

Colors: Brilliant whites, vibrant blues/yellows/burnt orange, olive green, terracotta, sandstone, rich greens, warm citrus colors 

Textures/"Feel": Stuccos, open/airy/arches, stone/tiles, rough hewn wood 

Trees: Olives, Cypress, Citrus, Dracaenas, Bay Leaf, Ficus, Ficus Fig, Camellia, Green Similax, Palms (Date, Fan, Fishtail and Sago Palms), Fiddle Leaf Fig, Mango, Schefflera, Podocarpus

Plants: Crotons, Ferns, Bougainvillea, Flax, Succulents, Cycas Palm, Lilac, Roses, Lavender, Rosemary, Citrus (in Large Pots), Oleanders, Mango, Hosta, Spathiphyllum, Aspidistra, Olive, Sweet Link

Greenery: Cottonwood Ivy, Philodendron, Erogynium, Nandina, Smoke Tree, Algerian Ivy, Danica Grape Ivy, Pothos, Fittonia, Laurel, Peperomia

Florals: In complementary colors. Calla/Day Lilies, Ranunculus, Roses, Fruits, Hydrangeas, Agapanthus, Carnations, Chrysanthemums, Succulents 

Other: Fruit Baskets, Herbs, Wrought Iron and Rustic Wood Wall Art, Ceramics/Earthenware, Colorful Tiles (sparsely used)