Colors: Rusty reds, mustard yellows, warm browns and cool blues in rich hues, aged copper, chalky whites

Textures/"Feel": Rustic, stone, distressed, weathered

Trees: Oak, Olives, Beech, Camellia, Sakaki Ficus, Fruiting Ivy, Locust, Similax, Rosemary (Spiral), Almond, Schefflera, Ruscus

Plants: Ferns, Boxwood, Citrus, Dwarf Schefflera, Aspidistra, Bayberry, Hosta, Coleus, Sweet Link, Spathiphyllum, Lavender, Thyme, Rosemary, Grapevines

Greenery: Danica Grape Ivy, Algerian Ivy, English Ivy, Sage Ivy, Potato Leaf, Beech Leaf, Smoke Tree, Philodendron, Mini-Garden Ivy, French Ivy, Erogynium, Hanging Jasmine

Florals: In complementary colors. Sunflowers, Roses, Lavender/Rosemary, Other Herbs, Nasturtiums, Hydrangeas, Peonies, Cistus, Iris, Lilies, Fruits

Other: Herbs, Distressed Pots/Urns/Earthenware, Glass/Ceramics, Wooden Wall Art, Angel Vine Topiaries, Iron and Copper Accents