What's Trending Now?

Popular and "Trending" now in plants:

  • A more minimalist approach to design--less "clutter"
  • "Less is More"
  • more subdued colors--sometimes just greens in various shades
  • more simple architectural shapes
  • succulents--all types/sizes/colors--in contemporary arrangements
  • "vertical wall gardens" with succulents
  • green "moss walls" as well as "moss arrangements in low bowls"
  • orchids--especially phalaenopsis--in stunning arrangements with succulent under-plantings. White orchids especially
  • for trees--larger, bolder leaves, as opposed to the smaller "traditional' leaves like the ("old") ficus tree. Especially popular now--the Fiddle Leaf Fig tree! More open structure--less leaf/more trunk showing. And also more recently--Olive Trees, with real trunks and lifelike foliages with fruits!
  • plants like the "ZZ" (zamioculcas) plant--with more open foliages. A note--the ZZ plant pairs exceptionally well with succulents
  • more and more foliages available with UV protection--for outdoor use, as well as for sunny interior locations