Our top designers create a wide variety of unique and elegant floral arrangements for our showroom (for display and sale), as well as custom arrangements for specific customer requirements.

For custom florals, we create these in either a customer-provided container or in a container from our selection.

Our designers will work with the client (suggested on an appointment basis) to discuss colors, style (e.g., contemporary, traditional, etc.) and dimensions, and to select the various botanicals to be used for the arrangement. It is helpful if the client can provide samples of fabrics and photos, if available, to assist in color coordination. The required dimensions (height, width, and depth) will be needed also.

Pricing for custom floral arrangements is based on the prices for the botanicals used, the price of the container (if provided by us), and a charge for any miscellaneous materials and designer labor. For custom florals, we will provide an up-front estimate for the floral arrangement if requested. We do require a non-refundable deposit for custom florals before starting the project.

In addition to our floral designers, most of our team have design backgrounds and are skilled in coordinating colors, styles, and designs for your assistance.