"Greenery" consists of smaller plants such as various ivies, vines and hanging bushes.

They are used as subtle complements to trees and plants, and are typically placed on certain furniture (such as end tables, niches in cabinetry, on the tops of armoires and high cabinets), on walls in sconces, on counter tops, mantles, plant stands and the like, or used as hanging plants.

Click on the images below to see just a few examples of our high quality artificial silk plant greeneries, most of which are on display in our showroom. These are in addition to the many custom greeneries we make for our clients.

Greenery adds dimension and soothing color to what otherwise would be a flat surface, or an unfilled space. They can be upright, or trailing in nature.

Our greeneries are typically made up in clay (terracotta) saucers or seedpans, pottery/ceramic containers, sconces, hanging baskets or "ledge baskets" (low rectangular containers), depending on the intended use. Greenery made in saucers or seedpans can be used "as-is", or can be placed in other containers. Because we make our own products, we can "customize" greenery to meet most any design requirement. Equally important, the foliages used for greenery are very realistic!

In addition to the finished greeneries made in saucers, seedpans, sconces, hanging baskets and ledges, we offer all these individual ivy, bush and vine greeneries for sale in our showroom.

A special class of "Greenery" consists of topiaries. We make these, typically in pairs, in heights ranging from approximately 18 in. to over 7 ft. Generally, various ivies, vines and hanging bushes are used as the "backbone," made on a curly willow support. Various berries and other plants can be admixed to achieve a particular design effect.

And remember--there is no substitute for quality!